Connection Time out - Rest Services

Hello Team,

Using Katalon Studio v5.10.1,
Trying to test the “GET” method of Rest API and it fails with Connection Timeout Error.
The same URL works with 200OK on Postman and I get proper JSON response.

There is no proxy set… the URL when opened in FF browser gives the response too.
Be it home network (on VPN) or office Network, the connection time out error appears.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?
Best Regards

In addition,

This works file with WIFI from home… but when i am on corp network or on VPN… it gives me connection timeout issue. I have tried to add the proxy… but it still does not work.
Any thoughts!

I am facing the same issue with Katalon 5.8.3

@Katalon_team team Can you help resolve this issue