Command to Adjust play speed?

Is there a way to Adjust Katalon Recorder’s Play speed with a command ?

There is command “setSpeed” but it’s not work for me.

Does nothing for me either :frowning:

What do you need it for?

i just want the speed not to be maximum every time i open it (which is default)
i find my tests run best at at least half

If you really really need it i think that the only solution is to set pause between all commands. I know it’s not an elegant solution but i bet it’s the only way to do that right now. You don’t have to do this manually of course, you can use Notepad++ for example and add it all at once with regex.

the developer in another thread is saying that the command should work, i guess i should make a bug report

Yes, i saw that too and i wrote there that it doesn’t work for me like someone else said. Hmm… weird.

Have you tried using the Adjust play speed feature on Katalon Recorder itself?
There’s an icon that looks like a dial at the top right of the recorder’s window where you can adjust a slider from fast to slow.

@ Mark_Gibson I know this feature but you have to manually adjust the speed not from command and it allways reset speed with next Katalon open. Much better would be to have setSpeed working properlly so we can set speed for some test to go faster - for example to fill the form much faster etc.

Sorry Piotr, I thought I was replying to @antonincaeiro
I totally agree that we need to get setSpeed working

Yea i was gonna say. remembering to set speed each time katalon is re-open is far from an optimal way of doing things.

We need setSpeed working.

Thank you everyone. Katalon Recorder is under code review before becoming open source. After that we will implement this feature.

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