code":-32000,"message":"Not allowed" while file upload


command: type
target: name=file
value: /path to the file/

Above script does not work anymore. I receive code":-32000,“message”:“Not allowed” warning on Linux Chromium. How can we solve the issue? Thanks in advance.

Katalon recorder unable to upload file with chrome browser

Same here on Windows with the latest Chrome version.

type on id=imagef1 with value c:\test\u1.png Failed:

{“code”:-32000,“message”:“Not allowed”}

Update: I found a workaround here, but it does not work with katalon sendkeys.

Code : -32000 message : not allowed

thank you tim8 for your proposition but it doesn’t work.
i am bloqued also, hopte that the community will help.


Currently the only solution is to use desktop automation like described here, until the chrome bug is fixed. This is not a katalon issue, but a bug inside chrome :frowning:


The solution provided is for Kantu extension and does not work for Katalon recorder.


Yes, correct. The only solution for Katalon and the selenium IDE is to wait until the bug is fixed. So I switched my upload projects to kantu for now.


This is what solved the problem for me: Right click on the green Katalon symbol in the Chrome browser. This opens a menu. Select the bottom menu item ~manage extensions? (German: “Erweiterungen verwalten”). Turn on the third slider ~Allow access to file URLs? (German: “Zugriff auf Datei URLs zulassen”). Use (as before):
type name=file1 C:\Mypathtothefile


Thanks! Also worked for me. Don’t forget to delete step “click on id of uploadfile element”, type with path is enough