code":-32000,"message":"Not allowed" while file upload

command: type
target: name=file
value: /path to the file/

Above script does not work anymore. I receive code":-32000,“message”:“Not allowed” warning on Linux Chromium. How can we solve the issue? Thanks in advance.

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thank you tim8 for your proposition but it doesn’t work.
i am bloqued also, hopte that the community will help.

The solution provided is for Kantu extension and does not work for Katalon recorder.

This is what solved the problem for me: Right click on the green Katalon symbol in the Chrome browser. This opens a menu. Select the bottom menu item ~manage extensions? (German: “Erweiterungen verwalten”). Turn on the third slider ~Allow access to file URLs? (German: “Zugriff auf Datei URLs zulassen”). Use (as before):
type name=file1 C:\Mypathtothefile


Thanks! Also worked for me. Don’t forget to delete step “click on id of uploadfile element”, type with path is enough