Code : -32000 message : not allowed


lately my katalon recoder is very prone to errors with code: -32000 when uploading files. Is there any explanation for this?

This answer here may help

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thank Mark_Gibson, but this solution seem fixed on kantu-x and it not working on Katalon recoder

Looks like the katalon support team is no longer working :slight_smile:

I hope katalon support can read this topic. But it seems they will no longer support any case

How is this supposed to help us? Can we use the same commands that are for kantu-x in katalon ?

I know this is an old thread, but in case someone is stuck in the same boat (like I was), and comes across this thread, make sure you

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go into Chrome Extensions
go into detailed settings and
Make sure Allow access to file URLs is turned on.


You are AWESOME! This helped me.
Thanks for your comment ! And Help!

I’m glad it helped someone :slight_smile: