Chrome WebDriver execution problem

Hi Katalon community!!
I use Katalon 7.6.6 on Windows 10, and execute TestSuites with Chrome and Firefox.
But, since the Windows Update (with install Edge Chromium), I’m unable to execute TS with Chrome webbrowser :

=============== ROOT CAUSE =====================
It seems like your Chrome or Edge Chromium Webdriver is not up to date with your current browser. Please go to Tools > Update webdrivers to upgrade and try again

I’ve updated webdrivers (Chrome and Chromium, with restart of computer) but nothing changed…

Has anyone ever had this problem?

Thanks for your help

Hi @cedric.faucher

Can you share the screenshot when you press Tools -> Update Chrome webdrivers?

You also can download chromedriver and replace the current one in Katalon Studio manually by following this guide:

You’re trying to run class “src/ChromeTest” and I suspect your class file is not there. Assuming your target folder is in your classpath, your java command-line should be ‘java -cp “blah;foo;…” ChromeTest’ (since you have no package).