Pop-up Support - Certificate Selection Pop-up?

In the latest release I was reading about pop-up support. When I access our system, it pops up a certificate selection box. With my initial test cases I bypassed this by setting an auto-selection parameter in regedit for Chrome. Now I would like to test with multiple different certificates within my test case for error testing and to test content filtering based on the certificate. The bypass method will only work with one certificate, so I tried to capture the certificate pop-up as described in the new tutorials, but it was not recognized by the record function. Is there a solution for passing specific certificates as part of my test cases?

I’m facing the same issue with you @“Michael Mayo”. Waiting for solution ahead

I have also face the same pop object capturing problem with pop-up login which is having username and password and when I press the cancel button the Alt+~ is working

@“Michael Mayo”: the pop-up could not be captured by the Record feature. Is it possible if you capture the pop-up and create Object Repository manually?

I have exactly the same problem. I need to login to a site with a specific certificate and respond to the action with another certificate. In Internet explorere 11, Chrome and Firefox.

Is there a way to select the right certificate?

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Was there any solution posted to select appropriate certificate from the certificate selection pop-up?

Whatever the post I read, there is no solution for a simple “certificate selection” problem.

I try to use Katalon in a test automation for our company application. And the connection process begin by selecting a certificate (in order to authenticate our client). Then, if I can’t emulate that, Katalon won’t do the job.

@katalonautomation @Katalon_team please respond.