CheckPoints rename problem

Hi, I am using katalon 5.10.1 and found out that each time I want the rename a checkpoint, I have to manually re-link it otherwise it do not work. The following is my scenario:

  1. Rename a database checkpoint (ex: ‘Postgres-LoadProfile-OMDA-DLP-PGE-Test Checkpoint’ to ‘Postgres-LoadProfile-OMDA-DLP-PGE-New-Test Checkpoint’
  2. Execute my TC and get the following error:: Cannot find checkpoint with ID ‘Postgres-LoadProfile-OMDA-DLP-PGE-New-Test Checkpoint’. Root cause: ‘java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Checkpoint does not exist.’
  3. Force a save operation to my TC (ex: Adding a ‘Delay 1’) and still got the same problem
  4. Using ‘Manual’ click on the Input ‘Checkpoint’ in my TC, click on ‘Value’ and re-select the same checkpoint and click on ‘OK’
  5. Now, save my TC, and re-execute it and no more problem.

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