Char with accent like in French, Spanish should be supported (UTF8)?

I use version 5.3.1. When I load data with String texttomanipulate = data.internallyGetValue where TestData data = findTestData(“xxx”). texttomanipulate doesn’t show char with accents corectly!
Is the 5.3.1 version should be UTF8 ?

It look like data for csv are NOK rather than data from xls is ok!!

After deeper analyse => If data source text with accents (french in my case) come from internal Katalon variables -> OK, Data file type xls (97-2003 format) -> OK but Data file type CSV -> NOK (Ok in katalon UI but not at execution) => there is a bug, don’t you think so ?

I encountered the same issue in Katalon Recorder. And what’s more, xls is not supported in KR. :-<