? icon in accented letters

Hi. I am from Brazil, here we speak portuguese.
In my language is very common accented letters, like á â ã é ê í … and ç. All this letters appears as a ? icon when I use a .csv file to put text in the page tested. I believe is only a character set configuration used in your .csv handler that was not configured, or some like this, to work with those characters.
I tried to fix it changing the character set of the .csv file, but none worked. And I tryed to find some configuration in katalon recorder to fix it, but I was incapable.
Is very annoying have to eliminate all accented letter in all texts I want to use.
Can it be fixed?

Hey @4deiltonrochakatalon,
Katalon till recently couldnt work with these kind of letters. But since i think update 7.1.0 Katalon Studio can use these letters… Maybe you could try to download Katalon Studio and record and setup you test Cases with that.
Katalon Recorder isnt updatet as frequently but dont recall me on that if im wrong with that.