Change device name in Katalon Studio (two same devices)

Hi, can you please help me find settings for changing device name? I am testing app on two devices simultaneosly, and my problem is that they are same devices. Lenovo TB8505X. I have no idea how to differenciate between them, nor the Katalon studio. Is there a way to rename device? Changind device name in settings does not help even after restart, reconecting devices or restarting whole PC.

Thank you.

Hey @dalibor.dzilsky, you have to change the device’s name from the application like Android Studio because Katalon doesn’t support changing the name. You can follow based on the screenshots below:

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Hi @chen.lee , thank you for your fast response. My devices arent virtual devices. They are physical, and i can not see this edit option in android studio neither.

Settings > About > Device Name on the physical device

Hi, already tried that one. Also i tried rename it by adb devices -l settings put global device_name "<NEW_DEVICE_NAME>" but it did not work for changing name in katalon studio… :frowning: And i tried restarting it all (PC, tablet, katalon…)

i have no idea about mobile testing and what adb do.
i only show to you how to change the device name for a physical device.
for the rest… it is between chairs and keyboards
perhaps you may have to register again your devices in that device manager?