Capture chrome console logs and Network apis while running test suite in jenkins

Is there any possibility to capture chrome console logs/Network APIs while running test suite in jenkins and print it in reports or any possible way to capture at least. We are currently triggering and executing the katalon Test suite through Jenkins (Chrome headless Browser mode).

No. Katalon Studio is not good at this.
in Jenkins or on desktop — it does not matter.

If you ran your test on top of Selenium 4, you can listen to the console.log output

However, Katalon Studio works on Selenium 3. It does not work on Selenium 4. Therefore in Katalon Studio you can not listen to the console.log output stream.

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I have ever tried capturing a snapshot of Chrome console.log using an external library kklisura/chrome-dev-tools-client

It once worked with old versions of Chrome. However this project seems inactive; no updates since May 2021. On the other hand, Chrome browser evolves day by day. I noticed that this library does not work with the recent versions of Chrome v115 and newer.

yes. it’s possible. please check out the se 4 article on saucelabs wiki. it has few example code and instructions

can u share the link

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Bidirectional APIs

We support all new Selenium 4 features except for Bidirectional APIs. While we’re working hard to add full support, we do provide similar functionality through our Extended Debugging feature, which allows you to:

Who are “We”?

Are you a Katalonean or not?

It seems you are talking about something other than Katalon products. Please make it clear what you are talking about.

it’s a content from Saucelabs portal. added it here for quick reference for @vasanthi.jayakumar

stands for saucelabs.

i use katalon and other tools for my project needs.

always there is polite way of asking if things aren’t clear.

Katalon Studio v8.6.x works on Selenium 3. It does not work on Selenium 4. You can not use Selenium 4 features in Katalon Studio. Are you aware of this fact?


Katalon team once released v8.2.1-alpha which aimed to work on Selenium 4:

I found several problems in this release and posted a few comments. Since then I haven’t heard any progress of Selenium 4 support in Katalon products. please review and let me know if the contents needs to be removed if its not relevant

are you sure on @vasanthi.jayakumar’s ask here? did she/he said solution should be only from using Katalon products?

here is the reason for suggesting non-katalon products.

yes. i’m aware!! it’s discussed in the forum already.

Ah! I did not imagin it.

I thought @vasanthi.jayakumar would not be aware of the fact that Katalon Studio v8.6.x does not work on Selenium 4. Therefore I thought this topic should tell the fact to her/him first.

I hope @vasanthi.jayakumar to give a comment here. Her/his comment would close this topic. She/he might choose some solution other than Katalon product. That’s fine.

Let’s not imagine/assume anything if things aren’t clear!!

if this was intended to @vasanthi.jayakumar, it’s better to tag that person and make him/her aware of the fact rather questioning others

No, I intended my question to @dineshh.
@dineshh has already replied to my question.

great!! have a nice weekend!!

“Capture chrome console logs” is possible in Katalon Studio with Chrome DevTools Protocol Integration.

See Help to capture chrome logs - #22 by kazurayam

This plugin is a thin wrapper for GitHub - kklisura/chrome-devtools-java-client: Chrome DevTools java client.. It claims that it supports the CDP Network domain. But I haven’t checked the kklisura’s library how much it is versatile about the CDP Network domain. Please be reminded that both of the plugin and the kklisra’s library are old. Those would not be up to date to the recent CDP specification.

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