Captcha recently showing up when doing gmail sign in on server

Hello everyone,

Just recently (starting june 22) our automation tests that involve logging into gmail has been failing on the server because after entering the email, gmail throws a captcha. What’s interesting is that after trying a few things it was working and the tests worked - we didn’t get these fails for few days but now it is back. We had these tests for years and only now is the captcha coming up. We tried to reduce gmail security but that doesn’t look like it did the trick. We tried verifying any sign in alerts, but it seems like now it’s asking for verification on each browser session created via Katalon.
-It works fine on our locals, we don’t get triggered with captcha each time
-On the server, it seems like if we continue the script manually after it fails, keep that automated browser open, and then run it again in katalon it will pass (probably detecting as the same device/session?)
-Seems like gmail is detecting each new atuomated browser session as new device (using katalon 7 on server) but this may have always been the case.

Anyone have any ideas?