Unable to login to gmail account using katalon

When i open browser using katalon, unable to login to gmail account. It’s displaying the error message as “Couldn’t Sign you In”. Even in my gmail setting, i have updated “Less Secure App Access” on. Still getting the same issue.

Please let me know, if we have any other options.

@mytest1467 This doesn’t seem to be a Katalon Studio problem but some restriction from Gmail. Are you able to sign in manually with same email address in Chrome and other browsers ? Also why are you looking to automate Login into Gmail ?

Hi @manpreet.mukkar the problem is, when Katalon Studio open browser in that i am unable to login Gmail manually also. In my application, i need to register as a user, in registration process will get “Verification CODE”. For Automation point of view i am facing problem. But up to June i can able to login Gmail using Katalon Studio. After latest version of katalon, facing this issue.

Google intentionally prohibit us from logging into Google Account using test automation tools like Katalon Studio.