Can`t record my PopUP

Hello Guys . :slight_smile:
I try to record my site but wen i click save , its open pop up to show some information inside the Pop Up and i click ok buttom and close that pop up . Wen a run the test the test fail because dont identify the buttom “Ok” object inside the PopUP .
Pls Help me to solve this problem.

we need more information

He’s basically stating that the replay doesn’t capture the actions he performed in the pop-up. You have to use a SwitchTo (frame, windows etc) scripting for the test to jump to that pop-up sometimes. I’m new to Katalon as well - but from my experience with automation - this is how you can resolve it most times.

i try use the switch scrpting but the same erro, the pop up open but info inside the pop up is empty. is no info in pop up.
i don t untherstand why pop up not load info inside the pop up . i post the image

Look at the console, probably a javascript error. Make sure development fixes that (or helps you to avoid invalid popup). After that, use the correct selector to find the button.

but the pop up works fine outside katalon studio i dont untherstand why work fine outside katalon and then i run katalon he show the popup empty. :frowning: if anyone cant help me i will be
grateful .

Yes so there apparently is an error when running it with katalon. You’ll need someone to take a look at the javascript error.

Now, that’s a strange incomplete pop-up… there’s no header title or any relevant details on that popup. - What are you trying to DO with Katalon test with that pop-up ?

i Try to make test in my website but cant record my pop up bottum (ok) but i solve the problem xd .
The problems is the katalon don t scroll up in my website and this cause the problem . because my pop up appears in top my website thx ppl.