Can't disable screenshots for Katalon Analytics in settings

I noticed this back in version 5.x, that if I had connected my Katalon studio settings to Katalon analytics, unchecked the attach screenshot option, and hit apply. It would just click the checkbox again.

I tried unchecking and hitting ok. then when I reopened the settings it would just be checked off.

Now on version 6.1.5 I thought i tried again. It still happens. I tried searching the forum here but I didn’t come across anything. (I did find people reporting wanting to send screenshots but having it not work for them).

Is there any way to actually keep it from sending screenshots?

There is a non-zero chance of identifiable information appearing on screens when I am performing my tests, so I am not allowed to just upload screenshots to a cloud location. While I’d like to take advantage of the analytic tool set, if screenshots must be sent along, I’ll have to make do with just the junit details we’re collecting in jenkins (and manually parsing the reports collected).