Cannot set text in AG grid cells


I am having an issue while setting text in text type field with AG grid. With Set text command I can see the click on the cell but no text. Also, the time to just click on the cell is very long.

If I use Send keys also, there is no error message, test case passes, but the text is not seen in the cell.

Below is the screenshot of error & html.


Thanks in advance!

Are you sure that your test object FDR_CONTEXTUAL/Page_FDR/Page_AssortFO/CodeArticleEnseigne is correctly selecting the target <input> element? Could you prove it to us by validating your selector using Chrome developer tool?

Are your id attributes dynamic or static? If they are static, is your xpath to the element:

Hello All,

Thank you for your replies. Actually, id’s were dynamic & I wasn’t targeting correct object. But after my few attempts, finally I was able to select proper element by writing Xpath.

Appreciate your time given.