Cannot run the tests on Safari (Browserstack)

Katalon version: 6.1.1
OS: Windows 10

I’m trying to run some tests on Safari (on Browserstack) on my pre-production site that requires authentification but I cannot do this because of these 2 issues:

  1. I cannot run the tests on Safari 10.1 because WebUI.setViewPortSize doesn’t work on this browser and apparently there is no fix for it (but authentification works here).

  2. I cannot run the tests on Safari 11.0 or 12.0 because neither the WebUI.authenticate nor passing the user and pass in URL nor other workaround seems to work (but setViewPortSize works here).

Did anyone else had this issue? Is there any way to make the tests run at least on one browser version?
Thank you

Is there an update or solution for this? I can’t seem to find one specifically for Safari on macOS. My website under test requires authentication. My test case works fine with Chrome and Firefox using the method where the credentials are part of the URL (i.e. https://[user]:[pwd], but Safari does not support this so the test just hangs at the authentication screen. I’m using Safari Version 13.0.5 (15608.5.11) on Catalina (local, not on Browserstack - but same problem).

@brian.leone Safari driver for Safari 11+ dropped support for URL authentication according to RFC 3986. Solution:

  • Run the test on Safari on a machine that doesn’t require the authentication.
  • Runt the test on your machine and provide proxy capabilities that point to the proxy server that allows this connection.