Safari + Browserstack gives me a "Could not start Browser / Emulator"

I am setting up my execution as custom. I am using Selenium WebDriver capabilities for running tests on BrowserStack. to pick what the parameters shoud be. I followed Run Katalon Studio tests with Automate | BrowserStack Docs and got most of them to work properly. However, when I try to run Safari on browserstack with the OS X, I get a “Could not start Browser / Emulator” error. Any idea what is causing this? Can I test in mac+safari in browser stack?

i have facing same issue. Bellow’s are the setting.

  1. caps.setCapability(“os”, “OS X”);
  2. caps.setCapability(“os_version”, “Mojave”);
  3. caps.setCapability(“browser”, “Safari”);
  4. caps.setCapability(“browser_version”, “12.0”);
  5. caps.setCapability(“browserstack.local”, “false”);

I still haven’t found a solution, let me know if you find anything.

The error displayed on BrowserStack:

The only way is to uncheck that button from Window → Katalon Studio preferences → Katalon → Proxy → System

It worked! Thank you. What are the risks of unchecking this?