Cannot rename Mobile objects during recording session

Product: KSE for Windows x64
Version: 7.2.6
OS: Win 10
Date: 6 April 2020
Summary: Cannot rename Mobile Objects during test recording, only after recording is stopped and objects are saved to repository.
In Mobile Recorder, when object is captured, it is not possible to rename the Object.
The field ‘Object Name’ appears to be enabled and displays the same name as appears in the tree view. See screenshot attached.Capture
When I click on the Object Name I am unable to edit the value or delete it (the cursor sits in the text box).

Impact: a) Tester gets unclear object names; b) tester must rename all objects manually after saving test; c) if duplicate test objects are captured with same name eg ‘android.view.ViewGroup0’, additional ones are given a number eg ‘android.view.ViewGroup0 (1)’

Note: In Object Spy it is possible to edit the name before saving. Recorder gives similar view but no functionality enabled to edit the name.

Hi @Dan_Bown ,

Could you please reproduce the issue on the newest KS version (8.2.5) and confirm it persists?

Nam Nguyen.

I’m still using KSE 8.0.5 due to a problem with authentication on 8.2.5 but also I haven’t got any mobile testing on at the moment to trial with. Does this mean that it is possible to rename objects though? If this is the case, thanks for implementing, this will make things easier for us.
Regards Dan

Hi @Dan_Bown,

Yes, please make sure you confirm the change on the field by changing focus to another field before saving.

Nam Nguyen.