'Cannot connect to web service' when trying to Load from WSDL

I have a SOAP request I need to make in order to create a user in my system. After copying my XML into the ‘Request Message’ and clicking ‘Load from WSDL’, I get a ‘Cannot connect to web service’ error.

It should be noted that I’m making the server that I’m making the request to requires a token at the end of the url to authenticate the request.


Could you provide more information on the request you sent? Some screenshot of the test will help.

Please provide the solution for the above problem.


Hi… try to use this wsdl and load in to katalon using new webservice request http://webservices.oorsprong.org/websamples.countryinfo/CountryInfoService.wso?WSDL

Select Service Function as : FullCountryInfo
use this request and hit it
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/” xmlns:web=“http://www.oorsprong.org/websamples.countryinfo”>

you will get 200 OK as response

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katalon WSDL sample.png

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Same issue located here - http://forum.katalon.com/discussion/6655/not-able-to-get-service-functions-in-api-testing-soap

did you have any authentication mechanism added