Can we integrate Katalon in AWS codepipeline


I would like to know if I can execute test cases written in Katalon with Amazon codepipeline for an automated test and deployment. We are looking to use Amazon code pipeline for continuous integration and deployment and wondered if we can squeeze in automated test cases that we developed on Katalon.

Please let me know what options are available.



Yes, what is the best way to execute Katalon scripts in an AWS CodePipeline? Can someone help with this? Thanks in advance!

I suppose nobody can guide you how to integrate Katalon test in AWS CodePipeline in a short story, because it is a big issue, it requires huge amount of prerequisites. You should break down the issue into pieces and go through them one by one.

AWS CodePipeline integrates with AWS CodeBuild to activate tests.

In AWS CodeBuild you can execute Jenkins:

Jenkins is capable of executing Katalon Studio tests. There are a few official resources on “how to execute Katalon tests on Jenkins”. e.g.

How to execute Katalon test in Jenkins — this issue would be an issue for the Katalon Forum. But I think the Katalon Forum would not be appropriate place to ask questions about AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild. There are some other appropriate places for AWS issues.

You can integrate CodePipeline with CodeBuild. For CodeBuild’s configuration, see the sample here

I am also using the AWS server. Although, it’s conventional one. Instead I am using the managed version of amazon host server which is powered by Cloudways. And still I was able to get this code implemented.

Actually, they don’t provide server console access. Instead they have their very own Cloudways platform. But, it is very limited. So, I posted the code to their team and asked them to implement it. Thus, it is implemented now.