[Katalon Webinar] Solving 2020's Top Mobile Testing Challenges

Dear Katalon users,

Join us in an exciting webinar with Katalon and Perfecto!

As 2020 came along with new challenges in mobile testing, our speakers will discuss and thoughtfully explain why codeless testing tools are becoming more prominent in solving these challenges.

You will learn how to:

  • Grasp and overcome the top mobile testing challenges in 2020
  • Maximize automation test coverage for your mobile test projects
  • Reduce the effort of setting up infrastructure in your test projects
  • Accelerate the test generation and execution processes
  • Minimize the flakiness in your mobile test projects effectively
    … and more!

Time: 01:00 PM EST | Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Speakers: Nico Krüger (Director of Global Sales Engineering at Perforce Software), Mush Honda (Strategic Advisor at Katalon LLC) and Minh Thanh To (Software Engineer at Katalon LLC)


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For better understanding, please take a look at this Q&A list which related to the webinar:

Q: Is codeless testing available for both web-app and mobile app testing? Is the codeless automation, totally 100% codeless or some sort of coding will be required?
A: Yes, it is available for both. 100% codeless for the most part, of course. However, for more control and flexibility, coding is the way to go!

Q: At what stage of automation testing do we need to use coding in Katalon?
A: Katalon’s manual interface can take you a long way. You probably would have to do programming when you’re at the phase when a test framework in Katalon Studio that would solve the specific needs of your organization is necessary. Being friendly to non-technical testers is one of the strategic advantages that Katalon Studio offers.

Q: Is it possible to simulate fingerprint, face id, gyroscope, location functionalities on cloud devices?
A: Yes. You can do this with the Perfecto plug-in.

Q: Can you integrate Katalon with AWS?
A: Yes. Related to AWS integration, please check out: Can we integrate Katalon in AWS codepipeline

Q: Can Katalon integrate UI tests with API or Database to ensure that the application state or the data is available each time we run test?
A: Yes. There are sample projects included, and ample documentation to walk you through doing it.

Q: Can Katalon be integrated behind a firewall and ensure PII is kept encrypted? Or start using the code from there onwards?
A: Yes, you can develop custom keywords in Katalon Studio that encrypt your personal data in a way that only you and people you authorize can decrypt it.

Q: Can Perfecto automate the use of the camera? I have an app that needs to read a barcode (this can be an image that can be loaded) to continue.
A: Yes. Perfecto can test the front and back camera as well as all other device sensors. Try it out.

Q: Is it possible to create the same test for both mobile platforms? (Android & iOS)?
A: Yes. This is possible with Perfecto.

Q: Does Katalon support Hybrid app testing?
A: Yes. Check out this topic on our forum for more! See an example: Does Katalon Support Hybrid Mobile App

Q: Does Perfecto have a queue of available devices? What will happen if you attempt to execute and the device is not available at the time of execution?
A: Perfecto provides you a message and Rest API to verify if a device is available or not. You can also use the smart capabilities to ask for the next available, iPhone 8 (as an example). Therefore, you can ask for a specific device or the next available device of a specific type (like iOS or Android).

Thank you again for your interest in our event. We look forward to welcoming you to our upcoming activities!

Katalon Team