Is it possible to use Katalon test cloud in codebuild?

My scripts are working locally but not on AWS codebuild (KDI) with chrome as the default browser so, I thought I would try to use Katalon TestCloud to see if that works better for my suites. Would that work by specifying testcloud in my buildspec file? If so how should the format look like? Thanks in advance?

Hi @joel.mondal, thank you for sharing this with us and welcome to Katalon Community. I would ask @ha.tpham to help you this question.

Will shoot a message. Thanks!

Hi @joel.mondal , please refer doc below and do not hesitate to revert here if you have any confusion. Integrate AWS CodeBuild with Katalon Docker Image | Katalon Docs

I’ve already read that article, it doesn’t say anything about using TestCloud with the Docker image.

Hi @joel.mondal , can we join in a call to clarify your point. I will send you an email about that. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Hey @ha.tpham I’ve already been talking to one of the Engineers so I don’t think we need to set up a call. Thanks though.