Can Katalon Recorder Records Chrome Extension Opens/Actions While UI Test?


Example Test Steps:

  1. Open UI Website.
  2. Login
  3. Landed on HomePage
  4. Open a chrome extension (Manually opens at below half of chrome)
  5. Now focus back on UI and perform some actions.
  6. Now focus back on Chrome Extension frame and validate/assert a json.
  7. Now focus back on UI and click logout

In above example, i am able to record only till 3rd step. Opening chrome extension is not getting recorded and remaining steps are hold.

Can you tell me which options i have. Thanks.


By design, the Katalon recorder - and all similar tools - are designed to record tasks that happen inside the website - they can not automate browser extensions.

To automate browser extensions you need a desktop automation tool like UI.Vision RPA or Sikuli.