Download Previous Versions

Hi, Is it possible to download a specific version of Katalon Studio? Or will the latest version only be available for download?

I would like to know also.


(Katalon Studio Windows 64 v5.4.2):

(Katalon Studio Windows 64 v5.4.1):

(Katalon Studio Windows 64 v5.4):

(Katalon Studio Windows 64 v5.3.1):

(Katalon Studio Windows 64 v5.3):

Hi, Is it possible to download the version 3. X Windows 64 of Katalon Studio?

No, I don’t think so…

I have only been able to download versions as far back as 4.3.0…

What is special about version 3.X?

Do you have the download link for Mac OSX?

My assumption is Mac OSX uses the following download links:

(Katalon Studio Mac OSX v5.4.2):

(Katalon Studio Mac OSX v5.4.1):

I got previous versions from GitHub

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