Using the katalon studio recorder and katalon recorder for file uploads

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to use the recorders (studio recorder and the plugin recorder) to automate file uploads. I am helping out with a test automation project and we’re wondering if there is a way to automate file uploads without writing a script for it.

Thanks for your help!


@marias For the 1st time you would need to write script then you can re run the same every-time to do the upload.

If possible can you please explain the scenario further ?

Yeah, we are hoping that we would not need to write a script for the file upload.

This actually worked for me now!

You enable the option that says “Allow access to file URLs”, then that did it for me.

Go to chrome://extensions/
Select Details for Katalon Recorder
Scroll down to the option and enable it.

Hope it also fixes upload issue on your system as well.