C# Step Definitions

We are currently using Katalon Studio as our automated testing solution for regression testing. We would like to utilize the new integration with cucumber to add feature testing automation to our toolbelt. Our developers code in C# so we would like to code the step definitions in a C# class file. The Katalon docs say " * Step Definitions can be written in any Cucumber-supported programming languages including, but not limited to, Groovy, Java, PHP, Python, and C#." However, we are having trouble importing a file or coding one in the studio in anything other than .groovy. We have searched around and been unable to find any helpful posts or articles. Anyone have any ideas?

My sincere apology for the time you have spent on this. It seems to be a mistake in our docs - step definitions have to be written in Groovy or Java.

I’m going to say it again:

Katalon should allow the writing and reading of any file type.

It’s a “studio”, an IDE, where the “I” stands for integrated.

I’d love to develop my JS code in Katalon Studio and not have to jump out into something else. Please, in the Explorer, give me an “External Code” folder (and structure beneath) where I can write/store/manage anything I want. PLEASE!

I appreciate the C# question (and answer) would require external compilation and there wouldn’t necessarily be any code assist tech running, but really, that’s for the user to decide what to do in that case.

Alex, can you please bring this up with the devs? Can you please report back the answer?


Thank you @Russ_Thomas. I’ll forward this suggestion to KS devs.

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Hi devalex88,

We also wasted some time on this (trying to port Ruby) but you should consider adding this support since most of Cucumber implementations are outside of Java/Groovy (like Ruby or C#)

This will help migrating teams that are using Cucumber (and not Java) to Katalon Studio…

When I try linking Step Definitions written in Java it does not gets linked with the Feature Steps. Can you please point me to a document/video that shows this capability of connecting with Java and BDD(Cucumber)?