Browsers playback

I am choosing Edge or Firefox in the recorder and recording my script in that browser but then when i click play to see the script run, it runs in Chrome. I need to be able to run the scripts in whatever Browser I recorded it in. How can I stop it from defaulting to Chrome and running in whichever browser I recorded in.

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You have Katalon Recorder on your heading. What version is your Katalon product? There is another product called Katalon Studio that has a Web Recorder. Could you be using the latter?

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I am in the studio - but using the record and playback function. I hit the browser I want it to run in while recording but then when I run the testcase it defaults to chrome. I need each testcase to run in each browser :confused:

You can choose which browser is your default. If you just click on the start button (the big green arrow), then the default browser will run. If you want to have any other browser, then you need to select the mini drop-down black arrow and choose the browser you want to run.


Edit: obviously, you can only select those browsers that are installed on your machine!