How can we keep test context in test suite with Katalon

I want to execute multiple test cases in one test suite and I want to do the login only one time in the beginning, but it is not possible because we cannot access the other pages without login.
Do you have any idea how to do this with Katalon please?

In your first test case, do not logout or close the browser, subsequent testcases can use that existing open browsing session.

The browser closes automatically at the end of the test case, and is launched again at the beginning of the next test case.

Yeah, right.
Show us your project code

Do you have a “WebUI.closeBrowser()” line at the bottom of your test cases?

No I don’t have close browser instruction at the end of the test case. I am using the script mode.
I tried to create a simple first test with two lines
and at the end of the test case the browser closes and it opens again for the next test case.

“Project settings > Execution > Post-Execution Options / Terminate drivers after each Test Case” — how do you set this option?

@mmo how about reading your sentence again and look at the second checkbox?