BETA release 5.10.4

Dear Katalon-ers,

In order to quickly respond to issues, we have published a BETA 5.10.4 release here:

Fixed issues:

Thank you for using Katalon Studio.

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@YoungNgo Thanks for sharing this … I will try and let you know.

@YoungNgo Tested this fix and its working fine with the data binding for duplicate test cases in the same suite.
When can we expect this in the main release ?

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Dear @Sunil_Kumar_A,

I believe you can use the Beta version during this meantime. With this package, you will also receive the upgrade notification when the main release available.
For the release timeline, it’s most likely to happen on February.

Best regards.

Package updated with a couple of issues fixed:

Best regards.

Hi , i am looking on documentation on how to do the proxy setting. ( ?


do you have news for integration IOS 12/xCode 10.1 and Appium 1.9.0 ??

Thanks you