Best Way to Handle Data File

I need some advice…

I have several data files that the test cases will cycle through to test different variables (state/fake user stuff)

So far this has been working really well, the data file is saved to an iCloud folder, and the folder is shared between the OSx devices, so running executions is not a problem as long as it is ran on OSx.

I had not considered about what happens when I run the execution on a Windows machine, as I am about to expand my testing to Windows it just now came up. Additionally I will be expanding to Mobile Device testing as well.

What is the best way to handle a data file with that will need to be used by various platforms for testing?

@shahin.fard In the long run it is best to move your test data to a database. Spinning up a MySQL database on AWS is really simple and cost-effective and then you won’t even need to worry about data files.

There is a free plugin that you can use to work with databases

I was leaning towards the same, just wanted to get the opinions of more experienced Katalon users.


postgres as well is good choice to save data

Awesome thank you, I will be digging into this a bit today/tomorrow, I really need to get something set up that is better than my icloud lol