Best method to parameterize a large amount of configurations for execution on CI/CD?

Hello! I just started executing tests on Github runners a week ago and have been able to successfully get a few builds of our Smoke Test suite (6-7 tests total). I’ve created a yml file for a couple of configurations and at least for now I’m just executing them manually, until I get the hang of it. I’m aware you can also create a properties file to condense the CMD line arguments if desired.

I’m mostly looking for the smartest way to configure this so that longterm I won’t need 20+ yml files to support a variety of config options. For example, I currently have 11 Test Suites, and 3 Test Collections. I may not always want to run the full Test Collection. If I’m doing a full E2E regression sweep, I may want to run a Test Collection with configs for Windows + Chrome, Mac + Safari, Mac + Firefox etc. The amount of combinations kind of makes my head spin and I wish there was a way to set parameters for OS and Browser at the GUI level in Github Actions just like when you run Test Suites locally in Katalon Studio.

Any pointers? I’ll attach an img of a basic workflow I’m using.

This question seems to be about Github Actions, not about Katalon products. This “Katalon user forum” might not be a good place for you to ask this. By quick search I found the following page

this might be a better place for you.

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Thanks I’ll try there as well. The reason I asked here is because there’s an exchange between the parameters you pass in from Katalon and the way a job initializes on whatever CI/CD server someone utilizes. I figured someone may have encountered this problem in the past.

Google told me of this:

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