Behavior of button click on Login screen

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My issue description is as below:

I am using Record and Play feature to automate my website testing.
When I mouse click on the Login button(after entering values in username/password fields) the action gets recorded and played back successfully in Katalon

However, if I click on Login button using the ‘Enter’ key on my keyboard, the action does not get recorded in Katalon, and nothing happens after I enter values in username/password fields.

Why can Katalon not identify the click on Login button using keyboard? Is this a limitation of Katalon or is there another solution to handle this scenarion?

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Normally I wouldn’t recommend pressing a keyboard button to proceed while recording the web. When recording the web I would highly recommend clicking the entire process with your mouse that way you have a very accurate click.

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@sneha2 If you want to automate pressing enter on keyboard then you can use SendKeys options. But you can’t do it using recording mode. You would need to enter that keyword using Manual Mode or Script mode.