how to press enter key

I took a test with search site’s text box which has no ‘enter’ button but only works with ‘Enter’ key.

When I hit the ‘enter’ button, it was not recorded on history.

How can I record this action or is there any other way to do for same result?

Below is the script that I try to understand and figure out how to record properly


<div class=“int-w”><input type=“text” id=“searchItem3” class=“int” data-keyupTarget=“#keyTarget” autocomplete=“off” onkeyup=“fnSupportSearch(event);” onclick=“fnSupportSearch(event);”></div>


function fnSupportSearchPage(requestNtt){
var searchUrl = fnLinkUrl(“/content/samsung/”+csSiteCode+“/support/search”) + “?keyword=”+encodeURIComponent(requestNtt);
window.location.href = searchUrl;




In you’re test case add a new web ui keyword: ‘Send Keys’ this will allow you to send any key or combination of keys to the web object.

more details: