Background script execution in web


we are using katalon studio version 7.8.

We have initiated the script execution and proceeded with other works by accessing File explorer for example.

Script execution is getting stopped and throwing an error “Timed out receiving message from renderer: 10.000

If focus is moved again to the browser, script execution continues.

Can you share the solution why background execution is getting stopped.


That sounds like a webdriver issue. Which browser are you using? Did you try a different browser? Did you try updating your drivers? Menu Tools > Update WebDrivers.


In 7.8 there’s an issue where Smart Wait extension is not getting installed into the browser, it may (somehow) be the cause for this phenomenon. Once you’ve tried updating the driver as @Russ_Thomas suggested, if the problem still persists you may want to test on the previous version to see if it works.

Thanks @Russ_Thomas @ThanhTo for your reply.

I have used Chrome browser for execution and also using the updated webdriver.

I have used Katalon version 7.6.6 for the reported issue but it behaves as same.

Suggest for possibilities to proceed with background execution.



I have used Firefox for execution and it is working fine.

Can you suggest why the execution is getting stopped in chrome browser.