Automate Oracle and Java based application

Hi Team,
We have 1 application which is based on oracle and java form.
Application launches using IE browser and then opens Oracle form.
But when we are trying to spy or get object properties, it does not work.
We have tried using WinApp driver also.
Please help to suggest how we can use Katalon for this kind of application.

you have to consider some upgrades.
seriously, IE?

It works on edge also.
Majorly team uses IE, as on edge migration is in progress.

But requirement remains same for both browsers, it navigates to oracle form post launching url.

this means, Oracle is broken.
please fix it

I did not got your point .
This is one application working flow.
We have one url which when launched in browser redirects to login page.
The login page is oracle form and application post login also oracle form.

Only application launch is using browser.

We have already automated this application using UFT, RFT and Ranorex successfully.

We are looking for feasibility of this application using Katalon and facing issue.

Please help to confirm if Katalon has option to support this kind of application.

I have no idea what Oracle form is, but supposed it have something to do with desktop application, you are out of luck.

Currently supported frameworks are here:
Introduction to Desktop App Testing | Katalon Docs.