Automating AEM applications through Katalon studio


I am using Adobe Experience Manager web content management application for the websites.I was trying to automate through Katalon studio and most of the web elements are not able to identify when we run the script.The application is built in Javascript.And some of the elements are not recorded in script.Is there any solution like how to automate through katalon studio.Orelse do we need to add any library or jar or js files in the tool to get the web elements identified.Kindly advise me.

Please read this:

and following comments.

I suppose it is possible but tough to develop automated-test for your AEM-based site.

Developing Selenium WebDriver-based tests for web sites using JavaScript frameworks requires you to have descent skill on Web technologies. As far as I know, there is no auto-magical out-of-box solution. You would need to study a lot and struggle for days, weeks and even months to develop your own solution.

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