Automated Code Review Katalon Studio

Hi, I want to try to do an automatic code review for my script. Is it possible to do it in Katalon Studio?
For your infomation I’m using Katalon Studio 8.5.5

I’m waiting for your solution. Thank you

Hi em, can you take a look at this question? I am a bit confused to at what “automatic code review” means?

Many expect ChatGPT can solve everything.

i want to try reviewing my code to meet the standard (for example redundant code, waste variable, etc) and find any possible bug from my code.
for your reference, its kind of like sonarqube or sonarlint in eclipse. but i want to do it in Katalon

ist it possoble?

well, this is were you have to bring more content.
we have no idea what may be your ‘standard’.
some of them may be resolved by linting, some of them may not.

katalon, as it is implemented at this moment, is using eclipse engine under the hood.
whhich is doing some syntax validation, code completion, etc but this is all.

depending on how paranoid you are, the solution may vary.
i have no idea if you can alter Katalon rules on this matter.
I may take a look.

Usually such validations are implementend on the CI tool yout team may use to validate the code you push to your git repository host automatically, in addition for a human validation for the final review.

But, if I undertsand it right, you are looking for a way to customize the linter used by Katalon before to push your code … or not.

So, more context is needed.

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