GitHub Action CI Integration on Katalon

How to use GitHub Actions with Katalon Studio after pushing/committing new code and cover code scanning in one workflow

thankyou :slight_smile:

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Hi @fendy.tio

Please refer to this: Katalon Studio GitHub Action | Katalon Docs

Hey thankyou for the respond it works!
now i need a workflow for code scanning do you have any?

Hi @fendy.tio,

Currently, Katalon doesnโ€™t provide code scanning capabilities. You should take a look to: Sonar Qube, Sonar Cloud, CodeQL (promoted by Github)

i tried CodeQL with a test case fill with error codes. but it codeQL doesnt show any error after push and workflow run. Does codeQL detect katalon studio test cases code??

Hi @fendy.tio,

I donโ€™t think CodeQL supports Groovy linting: Supported languages and frameworks โ€” CodeQL and Sonar also

You can try GitHub - nvuillam/npm-groovy-lint: Lint, format and auto-fix your Groovy / Jenkinsfile / Gradle files using command line with Github Action