Appium Version / Mobile Web (Android) Testing Errors

Please can someone clarify which version of Appium I should be using with Katalon? We’re using it primarily for mobile browser testing (Android), but we also have app tests too.

The official Katalon documentation seems to suggest I require Appium 1.12.1+ for ‘Mobile’ (and Mobile Browser support - where I have an issue - is supported). I’m using 1.16.0 currently.

I recently posted here about errors I’ve been observing when executing tests using Katalon Runtime…

In carrying out further research, I’ve seen other forum posts here that suggest I need Appium 1.8.1 for mobile browser testing, but obviously this may not be current information. Though with the following example, the error quoted (“Unable to open browser with url…”) appears to be very similar to what I’m seeing:

I’d estimate that I see this error on between 5-10% of our mobile test executions run using Runtime (via Azure) on Android devices (various Android versions). It’s causing us real problems.

Do I need to downgrade appium (currently 1.16.0 on our execution machine using Runtime)?

Am I missing something? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.