API Performance Test for rate limiter

I am looking for testing our APIs (search and insert) with rate limit and quota. And I would like to run a test starting with 1000 requests/sec. Target is to ramp up to a million. Any thoughts, how can it be achieved ?

Appreciate your help.

performance testing is not area for KS… I suggest to use tools that are designed to execute scenarios you want.
JMeter, SOAP Ui are coming to my mind.

Thank you, I am trying the performance on JMeter. Appreciate your help.
I wish KS provide a platform for Performance Testing. Love to see that.

maybe the time is near, with possibility to extend KS with plugins and public API i can see possibility

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How many machines you have at disposal to run such test?
AFAIK, from a single machine with Jmeter you can run a maximum 1000 threads scenario, above you have to use distributed load …

Supposed the application you are testing has a decent response time, let’s say 50 ms, to achieve 1000 req/s (TTPS in fact)) you need to start with 50 threads. To ramp up to a million … you have to achieve 50.000 threads if my math is still right …

Thank you for the suggestion. I do certainly think that 50 threads to start test is a realistic scenario. However as you have thought it right, our response time is not that great, we are still trying to fix it to achieve the fastest response.

Meanwhile, I am just starting with 10 threads to see how the test looks like. I am currently using VMWare VMs.
If this test is successful and attain the test goal. Moving forward, I would like to enhance the test environment to AWS Docker containers for the distributed load.

Per most experts suggestion, JMeter is a good tool for load testing. However, I am still figuring out how to test this scenario using it, there are few videos and few posts online, but aren’t much helpful.

You can find a lot of Jmeter tutorials on Blazemeter site

e.g Getting Started with JMeter - A Basic Tutorial | BlazeMeter

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see also the manual:


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Thank you very much - I am working on it now.
Appreciate your help. Especially, the master and slave configuration - this is really awesome.

Hello everyone,

Currently, you can integrate Katalon Studio with JMeter via the JMeter Integration plugin which is free. Alternatively, you can manually integrate those two tools yourself by following this guide.