Apache Cordova Windows App Testing

Hi Team,

I have created a apache Cordova application and trying to automate a windows App , I am getting the following error and not able to proceed. Can you pls suggest what we are missing and how to fix the issue


Hi Probe,

Seemed like KS can’t find you file, is it in a readable folder? I suggest also check the Winappdriver using this guide.

Also attached the log if the error happen again.


Hi Chrisstu,

Thanks for your reply, Just to give some back ground on the application and errors, Please find the below details

  1. We are running an apache Cordova application which is windows based and it is deployed to my local store

  1. It is a very simple demo app which is not having any major functionality it has only few text

  1. My winappdriver is up and running

4) The sample application is available as a app on my local machine

  1. When i try to connect this application from Klog.zip (2.3 KB) atalon studio then it is throwing the below exception

  1. Log file attached along with this message

Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions , If you want we can jump into a quick call as well


Any update on my query

Hi Team, Can we get some direction and support to resolve our issue



The application file should be the .exe file or the launcher file instead of the package folder. Please select the file again.

Hi Duyluong,

Thanks for your email , Actually this is not a windows exe project it is a windows App (Like android and iOS app which runs on Windows)

Please check the following URL for more details “Katalon testing for Windows apps - #2 by Liam_B

This is the latest error we are getting

Log files :

log.zip (2.8 KB)

Let me know if you need more information



If the app was deployed on your machine as an universal app, you can put the app ID in the Application File instead but I am not sure Win App Driver support this kind of hybrid app.

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