Any way to setup a manual collection of test suites for parallel execution?

So one MAJOR annoyance of the test suite collection execution method is that if I execute in parallel to gain execution efficiency then all the outputs from the scripts running in parallel are output to the same log, making things a jumbled mess to try to read what was occuring with what script when an error occurred.

Is there any way to force each suite in a collection to run in a separate log file and / or programmatically execute test suites in parallel such that they would have their own log file (essentially programmatically re-creating the test collection)?

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.



I am afraid that we can’t do it as I cannot find any reference for it. Let me ask my team and back to you soon

I don’t understand what you mean by saying this.

Please show us an example screenshot where outputs from multiple scripts are written into a single log.

Ahh… okay, I see what’s going on now.

So I usually have tree view turned off so that I can track each individual execution as it runs, and be able to jump back and forth between executions, with the Error messages highlighted.

In this view I can only see ONE script running, and ONE Job Progress item.

If I switch to Tree View; however, I can see where each of the scripts is running in parallel, however I can only track failed steps. As a result I tend to stay in non-Tree view all the time, and completely forgot about Tree view.

Will need to personally adjust to using Tree view during Collection runs

I personally refrain from the Tree View of Log Viewer of Katalon Studio as the Tree View makes my tests to run very slow. See the following report:

Interesting observations, I have notices similar behaviors in other toolsets due to CPU being taken up by reporting all the logging, really appreciate the methods shown above for getting rid of that tab!

Is there a way to bring the tab back for post-run investigations other than restarting Katalon entirely?

Close the project once, and re-open it. Then, the Log Viewer will start revived — detached tabs will be restored. That is the only way I know.

Aha! Looks like one can go to Window → Reset Perspective and then restore the viewer from the small right-hand side screen icons as well.