Any plugin integration available to import dependencies

Hi Katalon Team,

I wanted to know if there is any plugin integration available in Katalon studio using which i can directly search any particular dependency like poi or JDBC from inside the katalon studio and get it installed automatically by selecting from visible options, instead of going to google and searching it and then adding it mnaully into Katalon extrenal folder etc.



Please follow to our guideline:
or refering to this topic: Using AWS SDK in Katalon Studio, how to resolve external dependencies with Gradle


This README document writes:

Dependencies can be changed or modified based on your libraries preferences.

This short sentence makes a long story too short.

Only if people already have learned what Gradle is + what it does for them + how to write the build.gradle appropriately, they can infer what you skipped.

I am afraid that @anchandan would not like it because he/she wrote: