Katalon and dependecy management

Is there a way in Katalon to work with maven or other dependency management tool ?

As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing like this. This is currently the only way to add third party libraries:


But I agree, this kind of feature would be nice! You should make a suggestion here:


This might be interesting for you:

Prerequisites: You need to learn a bit about Dependency management by Gradle first:

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Have a look at this example:

you can use also @Grab annotation in a custom keyword.
e.g supposed you need everit json, put something like this in the import section:

`@Grab(group='org.everit.json', module='org.everit.json.schema', version='1.5.1')`

once you hit ‘save’, katalon may look like is freezing, but is not. once ‘unfrozen’, you will find all dependencies downloaded somewhere in a {User}/groovy folder.

I think there is a setting also for groovy to use external libs for a given path but I haven’t tried it, I just do like above and collect manually the jars into the project

thanks , @Grab suggestion worked for now.