An Update on the Future of Katalon

Katalon is a very nice tool and I congrats the team. But we selected it a year ago (over Selenium) because it was nice and promised to be free (your CEO said it would always be free and was your contribution back to the community). Otherwise, we may have just gone with Selenium.

Not necessarily a complaint (hey, it’s your software!), but it really puts me in a pinch with my own customers (who may not want to pay that licensing, so I may end up with a year of wasted effort that will have to be moved). Ouch.


Katalon is an awesome tool no doubt it. I am proud to be one of those loyal users of Katalon since version 4.x.

Here are my thoughts … Please feel patient as you read my post. Firstly don’t be judgmental and take sides and start to respond or hide/block this post.

Someone said Katalon team is listening … this is what I got to say.

I feel like, I am deceived. They started to market, that this tool to be completely Free tool and how they financed the tool for development. Then moved to Freemium Business model for Advanced Feature, which is FAIR.

Initially pricing came into picture only for Training, Business Support and later for Katalon Store, which is FAIR.

Katalon’s IPT (Integrated Product Team) didn’t make a proper distinction between the Free and Premium Feature. I wish, this has to be handled in more ethical way in future.

Premium Feature should be charged, , which is FAIR.

What I see now is that, you have stripped existing Katalon 6.X version into 3 i.e (KS, KSE, RE). At this point I feel like being stabbed, which is really contrarying to what was promised earlier. Even the very basic feature like refactoring test object, basic debugging, cmd line execution, which were available since version 4.x are being ripped off from the free version. I feel like I was trapped/ tricked to use these feature and later shun off. Which is a hard hit for all of us.

Katalon Product team, Let the basic functions, which you offered in 4x & 5x & 6x version continue to be stay free.

Love you Katalon …Wishing you prosperity.

Your’s sincerely,
Loyal Katalon User.


I would like to agree with @disover_katalon

Charging for new Features is fair and completely okay, but I feel very unfomfortable with the precedent you are setting in regards to taking previously free features and making them paid.

The community successfully changed your minds about this in regards to test case / profile quotas, and then along comes the revelation that wanting to run tests from command line is going to be a paid feature. I’m lucky to only have started working with Katalon pretty recently, as I’m seriously considering switching (yes, even to other paid products) simply because with this, any feature I use is in danger of becoming paid (or maybe in the future being moved to a higher tier of paid service).

Again, I want to emphasize that charging for NEW features is perfectly fine in my book, but removing existing ones is not.


I have to agree with the others on this one. This was initially marketed as a free tool. A free tool where all advanced features would also remain free with the development paid for by other business units. It was also marketed as a replacement for Selenium IDE when it was deprecated, which brought many people, us included, onboard when looking for a replacement.

We have spent the better part of two years converting old scripts over to Katalon and have probably 2/3 of our site covered with Katalon scripts. Scripts that we created, updated and continue to maintain in the 6.x version. Then version 7 comes along and strips most all of what we use down to a very basic IDE and says that we now have to pay for the various features that we have been using.

Part of what sold our Management team on Katalon was that it was free and was promised to stay free. We were looking to replace Selenium IDE and the Katalon functions fit the bill very nicely. So here we are. As others have said, this is your software and if you want to charge for stuff, go for it. Charge for premium features and new functions provided going forward, but keep the features provided and made available to everyone on the 6.x in place. We have been using these and building our test cases off of these for a couple of years.

Another option would be to grandfather in those of us that have been using Katalon over the years and maybe start asking for licencing fees for new users. There are, I am sure, many people and Organizations that chose Katalon over the past few years and it is those users that helped to build Katalon into what it is today. We have participated in forums, submitted bugs and enhancement requests and provided feedback for features that you are now forcing us to pay in order to continue to use. Without the user base that you have created over the last few years, there would be no Katalon.

Just me talking and letting my opinions be heard since Katalon is listening. Thank you for listening and passing these comments along as appropriate.


I agree with others. I sold this tool to my management on the promises made by Katalon the tool would remain free and supported by their other business units. Now they are once again removing features we have been using for years. It’s nice they listened and dropped the idea of quotas, but then they remove the ability to run from the command line.

I agree that all current features in v6 including the ability to run from command line should remain as part of the free tool. Or like previously mentioned, grandfather in those of us that have been using Katalon over the years and start asking for licencing fees for new users.

Thanks for listening…


I heart fully appreciate the Katalon Community/ forum who helped each other and made this product a great success.

Especially the Katalon DEV team for an awesome product, Who always supported when we were in deep trouble. I truly feel, their hard work and commitment is commendable.

The tool gained popularity in short time, since it was advertised FREE and promised continued to be free.

People started to love this tool so much, they started to recommend this tool to everyone they knew, and below is the proof.


Once Katalon Product Team achieved a considerable user base … they have taken a different route.

Charging for new/ advanced features is OK.

I feel betrayed, It’s not just me alone.Thanks for listening.


I am a huge fan and proponent of Katalon. I tell everyone I know. I try to be a contributor on the community by asking questions and writing tips and tricks. I love this product as it has made my job extremely simple. A huge thanks to this community for being there to learn from and work with and to the DEVS at Katalon that have put so much blood, sweat and tears in to making everything we could possibly want in a tool!!

That being said, I understand the need to charge for certain aspects of the product. But, the pricing model I have seen, the features that are being charged and the fact that my team is doing a complete frontend redesign is causing me to explore our options when it comes to our automated testing tool.

I have no need for the Enterprise version; I’m the only test engineer on my team. I HAVE to use the CLI because that’s how our CI/CD platform works. I’ve put a lot of time into figuring just that out and even wrote a Tips and Tricks post to show out to pull in the plugins. Charging for CLI just seems…wrong somehow. Like, you’re charging me for breathing - a charge for something I have to have in order to be successful.

Again, I understand the need for a paid service. Just not this method. But, that’s my opinion so take it for what it’s worth. I’m still a staunch supporter of Katalon as a tool that QAs with a range of coding experience can quickly and easily spin up and start using. I just don’t know that this is the best for me and my team with the potential pricing model. We’ll just have to see.


Have i understood correctly that katalon will actively prevenmt users that invested in < v6 to stay on the old version (until it can be justified to take the significant cost of upgrading) by preventing new activations. For customers they previously advertised the product to as completely free?

Instinctively this feels a bit like fraud. At the very least, the old version should be kept available long-term (even if no updates are relesed to it).


Not sure of the full extent of it, but it does sound like the case. They gave us a date of April 2020 when V6 will no longer be supported. Again not sure if that means activation will fail after that date.

Could someone please confirm: If I wanted to run 6 browser sessions at the same time as apart of a Jenkins job, I’d need to pay for 6 KRE licenses/month?

@jhowell Yes I think so. Please see this link


I can successfully run my tests now using Katalon 7 Run time engine in command line mode, and I do not have a paid licence at the moment, is it because the Run time engine is free for a month or so . I remember I saw it somewhere RE is free for a month for a trial … Could some one please confirm this. I couldn’t confirm it anywhere in your documents,

and the online licence , is it going to be checked with the apiKey we pass with the command line ? is that how the licence will be validated for execution with RE ?



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Thank you @Russ_Thomas

What if I don’t use KSE ( the IDE) , and use only KRE (cmd execution)
as I don’t use email id to activate the IDE here , how do I activate the KRE ?

these two looks 2 separate programs , then how does these two related in terms of licencing ?

Post a separate question here:

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welp, i guess back to selenium webdriver lol :joy:
Just kidding, even now the base KS is probably 5x better than selenium

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For a single user, that may be true. However, we have a QA team of three people and have been using the Git integration for everything that we do with Katalon. That being said, it is my understanding that in order to even continue what we are doing now, we would have to pay for three licenses.

We use the Git integration, Debug mode, connections to a database, etc. All of this and then some has been built off of the free Katalon 6.x and under versions. My understanding is that the free version really only allows everything to be run on one computer. If you are using the Git integration currently offered in the 6.x and prior versions, you will need to download and setup Git separately.

This puts us in a really tough spot because we have spent untold hours over the last couple of years creating what we have between the three of us. Now that all of the time and effort was put in to create what we have currently, we are being told that we now have to pay to use what we built. I do hope that I am misinterpreting all of the documentation and other various forum questions and answers.

So yes, if you are a single user with no QA team that creates and updates test scripts, or that relies on any sort of integration, you are probably correct. But the new free version does not look like it is designed to support even small teams where the 6.x versions and prior did. Again, if I am wrong, please someone let me know.


still confused about licenses. In your license agreement I see that running on CI server is included in the trial version, but I still get errors from CircleCI console:
Start activating online…
Invalid license.
Runtime Engine is not supported for standard license.
Online activation for console mode failed.
Activation failed. Please make sure you are using a valid license.
All launchers terminated

Hi @aukse.zirgule

Are you using personal emails ? Only business emails are eligible for trial.

I do not want to use another acc because my old acc is associated with Analytics and everything has setup.
I’m a loyal user since 2018, so why do I need to create a new acc?