Adding a different text input for each run

Hi there, i’m learning to use the Katalon recorder. I was wondering if there is a way to enter a different text in a certain field in each run of the Test.
I’ll explain: We have a flow in our product that expects a name to be given by the customer. In every flow run, the name must be different (otherwise it won’t work).

I was wondering:
Is there a way to add a large pull of names which Katalon can use?
Or, perhaps, there is a way to dynamically add the date+hour to a certain string (this way it will be unique in each run).

Many thanks!!

Yes, utilize test data. Call in the test data and loop through based upon number of rows. Or simple add a random number to select a random row.

I have my tests set up to randomly choose any active user from the DB works nicely.

I have custom methods I wrote so I can reuse but basically you call in test data you set up as internal data and define like this:
InternalData anyName = findTestData(‘folderLOCATIONHERE’)
Random rand = new Random()
int rowCount = anyName .getRowNumbers()

int rowLV = (rand.nextInt(rowCount - 1) + 1);

String yourVariableNAME = anyName .getValue(1, rowLV)

Now you can use yourVariableNAME anywhere as a random selection from that spreedsheet you created in test data. This has code to pull row count so no matter the size if there is a row it will grab it as a possibility. You can also enter a custom number.

This is not the perfect solution but what I do. Since it will always execute the random each time it will make it dynamic and everytime you run it will pick a new value. This is one way to do it. You can also query the db but if you create test data as internal data you can predefine a list. you can also use excel file. Up to you, hope this helps.

oh and your custom string you can just take your variable and redefine it to have a timestamp on it. or have it randomly generate a string.