How to run one test case with different input data?

hello, tell me is it possible to run in the automatic mode one test case with different input data (for example, for authorization use different logins and passwords)? thank you in advance!

Hi Victor,

There should be several ways to do it. Internally, Katalon offers this advice:

What do you mean by “automatic mode”? “Console mode/command-line”?

Good luck,

Thanks a lot! I will read and try.

By “automatic mode” i mean to do one test case for several times (one by one) with different data from table or file.

Nice. But how do you want to start the test case at the very beginning? Are you using the Katalon UI itself to click on the test case/suite/collection then click RUN? Or are you using the command line (console mode) prompt to tell it “katalon.exe -testSuite 'mySuite”? If you are using the command line, there are other ways to feed different data to each time you run the “katalon.exe” command. But try the tutorial first. It may answer your question. Good luck