Add new steps in middle of existing test with record function

As a Katalon newbie, I created a test a while ago with the record function that worked fine. Now some things have changed and I want to edit a step / add a step that is somewhere in the middle of this existing test. I know this is possible both manually and with scripting, but I would like to use the record function. Is there a way to add new test steps in the middle of an existing test this way? Something like placing a breakpoint on a step and press “record” on the start of the test, let the test run until it reaches the breakpoint, after which you can take over and add steps. I have seen this function in other testing frameworks.
I know you can add steps to the end of an existing test with the record function, but that is more like concatenating a new test to the old one including providing an url. You cannot continue from a certain step.
I have seen this question more often, but haven’t found a satisfying answer yet. Please point me to it if I have missed it. Thanks!

Could you share an URL that explains what you have seen?

Are you using Katalon Recorder? or Katalon Studio? These 2 products are different beasts, you know.

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The following screencast shows how I use Katalon Automation Recorder to:

  • 1st - Add a new step manually mid-script
  • 2nd - Record steps (from this post in this case) mid-script (note the 3 new lines added from when KAR recorded my clicks on this post)

2022-07-05_18-56-05 (1)

In both cases, KAR works exactly as I would expect it to.

This seems to be an Katalon Recorder issue.


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I’m so certain I replied a few weeks ago! But I don’t see my reply. Sorry for those who have responded!

I am using Katalon Studio (Enterprise), not Katalon Recorder. The framework where I have seen the functionality I described is TestCafe Studio. An example is written here:
Codeless Test Editor | TestCafe Studio | DevExpress Documentation (under “Record Actions”). They describe that the actions are added at the end of the test, but you can disable a part of the test to still add them somewhere in the middle. What I really like here, is that my test is executed and my page is still open, so that I can click on items and add those as objects in the objects repository. That is what I am looking for.