Save between instructions in recorder


In Katalon Studio, in “record web” interface, instructions are always recorded at the end of the list of instructions. Could it be possible to save new instructions between 2 instructions?

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Hi Chivet,

Could you clarify instruction? As i’m understanding that is step on the UI
If the one is new record you can append by clicking “Add” to the line you with and overriding by simply click on the Item column -> Step name
More information can be find on

Kindly attach a video record on the problem to further investigate on this if this not working.

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It is possible to add a command manually between 2 lines.

But, it is not possible to add new recorded commands between 2 lines.
New commands are always recorded at the end of the scenario.

Don’t hesitate if you need more explanations.

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Hi Chivet,

Currently we only support the manually adding, will look into enhancing recording when possible.

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